Hi, I saw your website not too long ago and I was curious about where I can see your photographers’ profiles. I want to check out their portfolios but I don’t know how to navigate your website to see the official list. 

Hello, thank you for your interest in our service and our company. If you want to see our photographers’ profiles, please go to the ‘services’ section that can be found on the top left part of the homepage. Upon clicking the available tab there, the profile of each photographer will show up and included there are the highlights of their works and their individual portfolio.   


I’d like to hire photographers in your company for an event. Is it okay to hire two to three people to cover the occasion?  

Yes, no problem. We highly encourage this especially for big events where one doesn’t have the capability to see everything at once. You can have the photographers of your choice. Connect with us to see if your favorites are available on the day of your event.  


I want to ask if it’s free to visit your company anytime so I can check out your photo exhibit.  

Yes, you can visit our company anytime for the exhibits. Our photographer’s works are always on display for the world to see. We do not charge any fee for this so you can just drop by anytime to admire their latest works which landed them awards both locally and internationally.   


How can I make an appointment with your photographers? Can I do it anytime or is there a specific time to make an appointment with you? 

You can make an appointment by sending us an email. We have representatives that will assist you with this request. We’ll set the time and the date, and if you want to, you can also have a meet and greet with the photographers of your choice.