Jenna Walker Photography was founded 10 years ago – after being in the industry of the owner for several years. Jenna Walker has always been in love with photography. Cameras, videocams, and films have always been hey plaything. Such gadgets she used to capture moving images and other interesting subjects.  

She pursued photography because she’s really passionate about holding a camera. Even as a little kid, she already knew that this is what she wants to do when she gets older. As such, even as her parents were not very supportive of her dream, she still worked hard to achieve it. And she succeeded as evident in the success she achieved in her individual career and as a business owner.  

At only 19, she was already able to hold her own successful exhibit. Most people loved her works and they never failed to tell her such. Her technique is exceptional, and the result, outstanding. They started coming after her for her services. At first, just to request for her to cover small events. Then, she started getting invites for bigger projects. Among those include being the professional photographer of a Senator’s engagement party.  

It was the growing demand what prompted her to officially set up a business. With her confidence in her own skills and after years of being in the industry, she decided that she was more than ready to handle the pressure of having her own business. She started hiring more photographers which helped her accommodate all the customers. She saw to it that she was hands-on when it comes to training her additional hands, and was physically present if the need for assistance arises. She was also strict in implementing the core values of the company which revolves around responsibility, honesty, and credibility.  

To date, Walker still upholds the same core values which is one of the reasons why her customers keep coming back for her service.